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When it comes to furniture, there are the things you know you need, and there are a whole bunch of known unknowns. We see the fuller picture so you can focus on the stuff you know (you know) best.

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project management

We know the industry is super competitive. From bid coordination to construction administration to punch lists, our furniture-centric designers can keep you organized and on-track. We’ll handle all the details of order entry, tracking, scheduling, and even traveling if needed. Because when you shine, we shine.

bid services

Bids can be time consuming, but they’re an unavoidable fact of furniture life. Fortunately, kimiko’s designers know furniture and budgets. We don’t just take orders, we offer creative solutions that are smart, as well as competitive. It’s just a part of what we call “thinking outside the cube”.


Photo-realistic renderings are a requirement in today’s market. kimiko uses state-of-the-art tools to provide you with a variety of options for timely, high-resolution images. In fact, our furnished-facilities renderings will help you stand out from the competition. With our help, you can knock your customer’s socks off.

technical specifications

In addition to helping you land sales, our detailed drawings and technical specifications can help you fill orders accurately, saving you time and money. And let’s face it, that saving money thing is pretty much a sure-fire way to please customers.

ancillary selection & specification

Ancillary space like break rooms, lounges and reception areas make up larger and larger percentages of furniture projects. Since there are so many options at a multitude of price points, these projects can be research intensive and reserve greedy. No worries. kimiko designs can carry the burden.


To the furniture-phobic, reconfigurations can be even more daunting than new plans. Not to the furniture fanatics at kimiko designs. With our trademark thoroughness and attention to detail, we relish the challenge a reconfiguration presents. Heck, if you’d like, we’ll even provide several cost-and project-efficient options.


We’re not some wizards behind a curtain. At kimiko designs, we’re happy to share our knowledge with onsite or online training for systems furniture and specification tools, as well as tips on products and software, and guidance for designers of all levels. We offer monthly and on-demand webinars that provide efficiency tips on AutoCAD, CAP and project setup.

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All the essentials — no more, no less. Learn the basics in a series of six webinars, plus six one-on-one WebEx coaching sessions.


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If you don’t have time to train your designers, here are several hot topics just waiting to get them up to speed in no time flat.


Join a group WebEx series for design managers. You’ll share insights, identify best practices and expand your leadership skills. Welcome to the inner circle.


It’s a meeting-of-the-minds for design leaders and industry pioneers. This three-day seminar fosters a sense of community you won’t find anywhere else.

Rising star forum

We see you, up-and-comers. This group WebEx series allows early-career designers to share best practices and expand their leadership skills.


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kimiko designs

We understand the furniture industry from the back to the front and all 360° surrounding it. Our clients trust us for expert furniture planning, technical specification, and capturing their imagination in this 24/7 digital world.

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