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Our favorite conversations of all time are the ones that involve YOU asking: How can we do furniture differently? Can we borrow an extra pair of hands, or three? We know no one has ever done this before, but can you help us… (insert herculean effort here)?

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our standard programs

By defining goals and visions, establishing needs-based criteria, determining best values and implementing methods for furniture acquisition and recycling, kimiko designs can develop a standards program for your company. Can you tell we’re obsessed with efficiency? That makes life a lot easier for you. And saves you beaucoup bucks!

project management

Save yourself the headache – and save money, too. If you’re planning or purchasing furniture, we can advocate for your project from concept to completion. Or we can tailor our services to suit your needs, whether that’s providing an assessment, planning your space and doing detailed renderings, specifying and ordering your furniture, or supervising your furniture installation. We’re up for all things furniture.

rfp development

Since we don’t sell furniture, we don’t have anything to gain by steering our clients towards one brand or another. Instead, we make recommendations based on the furniture lines that suit your needs, budget and priorities. In other words, we offer you best value. kimiko is always available to assist in developing and evaluating RFPs from a variety of vendors. We can develop pricing summaries and budgets, as well as negotiate discounts and conditions.

space planning

We like to think of space planning as furniture Tetris. And we are masters of the game. Not only will we get your furniture, fixtures and equipment to fit your space, we’ll play schedule Tetris, too. And we’ll win. What’s more, by asking all the right questions about user requirements and growth strategies, we’ll do the planning that will work for your business for years to come.

third-party audits

kimiko’s professional designers are available to do quality assessments and quality-control surveys of furniture plans. We’ll also review vendor specifications for our customers, preventing costly order errors and field issues.

budgets & negotiations

kimiko’s experienced team can help navigate the complicated pricing and bidding process. Whether we develop and source furniture bids or analyze bids you have already received, our commitment is to helping each of our clients execute their vision while staying within budget.

autocad support

Ever need an extra pair of production hands? kimiko designs is your solution. We can serve as your AutoCAD support for RFPs, facilities plans, construction documents and furniture plans. We can develop plans from scratch or update existing ones. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

facilities support

Let kimiko designs provide your business with field and construction supervision, quality-control, schedule implementation and vendor coordination. We’ll supervise your project to completion, even managing the punch list and ensuring that everything on it is taken care of. Have we mentioned that we’re a bit obsessive?

inventory management

Maybe you already have a furniture system in place? kimiko can perform and document an inventory assessment and make recommendations to maximize your assets and minimize your storage fees. When appropriate, we can help reconfigure your space, decommissioning furniture as necessary. We’ll approach your budget as if it were our own. Waste not, want not.

installation management

If a Swedish bookshelf frustrates you, imagine installing an entire office of high-end cubicles. kimiko can supervise all the delivery, unpacking, assembly and wiring – and we promise not to have any parts left over.

sustainability services

Have some furniture to decommission? We have loads of experience with this and several strategies to meet your goals! Let us help you with ways to avoid sending it to a landfill while reducing operating costs. Check out all our furniture sustainability services at kimiko green.

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