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our vision

We build lasting relationships with our clients, through a collaborative, team approach; having fun while maintaining high standards of quality and excellence in all that we do.

We are adaptable and valued as an asset to our internal and external clients; creating foundations for success through clear, concise communication.

We are furniture experts! Specialty furniture services are the core of our lucrative business. Because we work with furniture manufacturers, furniture dealers, facility managers, and architectural design firms, we have a unique and valuable perspective when it comes to furniture. 

We actively find a WIN 3D that benefits our clients, our business and ourselves.

what makes us who we are

our history

Since kimiko designs was founded in 1999, our interior designers have programmed, planned, drawn, specified, inventoried, analyzed and budgeted furniture projects around the world. We’ve lived, breathed and dreamed furniture for commercial spaces, healthcare facilities, and institutes of higher learning. After 20 years, we continue to love this stuff, which is why kimiko designs has gained the trust and repeat business of clients across the globe.

kimiko designs

We understand the furniture industry from the back to the front and all 360° surrounding it. Our clients trust us for expert furniture planning, technical specification, and capturing their imagination in this 24/7 digital world.

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Address: 1030 Gardenia Dr, Houston TX 77018

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