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17 billion pounds

of office assets are dumped in US landfills every year

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why is it so hard to get rid of surplus furniture?

facility owners and managers want…

introducing…  kimikogreen


and we’re just getting started!

what have we accomplished so far?

monthly green table discussions

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pages of best practices for decommissioning


a head of grey hair
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kimiko green playbook

your guide to sustainable furniture decommissioning

kimiko green playbook

your guide to sustainable furniture decommissioning

 kimiko green planning services

Whether you want to save money, time or the planet (or all of the above),
we are your go-to furniture sustainability partner.

Scroll down for ways we can help.

custom decommissioning playbook

We’ll help you define and document a tailored furniture decommissioning process that can be implemented across your organization.

furniture program sustainability assessment

You’re looking for someone to assess your current program and advise on additional practices to align with your corporate ESG + sustainability targets.

tailored implementation plan

We can help you create a tailored implementation plan including the WHY behind the changes. Because we all know action is the engine that drives progress.

furniture inventory assessment

Let us inventory your assets to determine what you can reuse, reconfigure, donate, resell or recycle (not to mention reduce operating costs).

project management

Whether it’s planning, design, technical support, installation, inventory management or decommissioning, we are your go-to all-things-furniture partner.

sustainability training

We (literally) wrote the book on sustainable furniture decommissioning and now we’re hitting the road. Educate your team on best practices with our customized training programs.

ready to go green?

attendees and insights from our roundtable

attendees and insights from our roundtable

"Sustainability isn't a maybe, it's a must.

Sharing stories about this has proven to drive up company morale and younger people entering the workforce want to know that the company they’re interviewing with cares about the environment.”

jennifer m, global tech company

"Reuse has really helped us save time and budget.

It also helps us allocate our resources where they are needed most, as different departments have different budgets for furniture and office layout.”

jenny m, federal research institute

“We are working on building a program that will ensure we only bring in furniture that can be recycled and made with sustainable materials.”

lauren a, confidential tech company

"Reuse and circular practice

is the best way to be more sustainable, so promoting reused furniture and making it more available to the consumer is vital. Repairs and upgrading needs to be an easy and accessible option to landfill.”

h. lauvland, author, the carbon footprint of furniture 

kimiko designs

We understand the furniture industry from the back to the front and all 360° surrounding it. Our clients trust us for expert furniture planning, technical specification, and capturing their imagination in this 24/7 digital world.

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