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Kimiko Designs invites you—our furniture friends—to think outside the cube and live beyond the clock. Kimiko Digital will showcase the design, furniture, and unique features of your space in a 3D virtual tour, sure to capture your clients’ imagination.


Kimiko’s depth of knowledge comes from 20+ years of furniture-centric relationships in a diverse network of

real estate  |  interiors  |  architecture  |  facilities

With Matterport, Kimiko Digital offers fresh, innovative ways for your clients to be wowed by more than technology—to browse your products, step into your projects, tour your properties. Plus, they’ll engage 24/7, in an interactive virtual tour created just for you by Kimiko Digital.


open 24/7

Virtual tours allow you to shine even when the lights are off. Showroom tours? 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Real estate visits? All hours of the day and night. Business hours? You’re open even when you’re closed.

unique marketing

Launch one exceptionally cool, high quality media campaign featuring your 3D virtual tour. Its detailed imagery and unprecedented level of immersion will make a captivating impression on your entire client list. 

client engagement

From the initial swoop to their breathless “wow”, a bond forms between you and your client through the shared experience of a 360° virtual tour. Engaging, interactive, trust-building.

roi heroics

The smartest return on investment not only saves money in the past, but also makes money looking forward. Multiple exposures and markets bring ROI to superheroic status.

save time

No more waiting for stars to align to arrange a furniture showroom group tour, visit 3 office spaces in one day, or present your portfolio to an entire prospect list at once. Virtual tours make you the star, time after time.

facility tours

Virtual tours provide hard-to-access visuals for facility management training and oversight, a welcoming employee orientation, and navigation across a campus big enough to have its own zip code.

Kimiko’s understanding of the design process and expertise in furniture planning qualify us as subject matter experts in the production of your virtual tour. We highlight the handsome features of your carefully procured furniture and capture the stunning design of your built environment in every image, angle, and perspective of your tailor-made 3D virtual tour.

magic & methods

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Tell us a bit about your business and your space. We’ll prepare a quote specifically for your needs.

we go to work

We blend our furniture planning skill, design prowess, and digital magic to capture your facility in virtual reality.

get your tour

Enjoy the confidence of knowing you’re open even when you’re closed, with your 24/7 virtual tour.

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kimiko designs

We understand the furniture industry from the back to the front and all 360° surrounding it. Our clients trust us for expert furniture planning, technical specification, and capturing their imagination in this 24/7 digital world.

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