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Office Furniture Decommissioning

If you need to remove or liquidate still useful surplus furniture, your options are few. Don’t spend countless hours trying to manage a charitable donation, find storage for the furniture and pay monthly fees, attempt to sell it, or dump it at a landfill. Let Kentwood Office Furniture save you stress, time, and money by handling the decommissioning process. We offer a full range of project management services to coordinate the planning, decommissioning, liquidation, and transporting the furniture.

We’ll Take Care of Everything

We have established a reputation in the industry as a trustworthy and honest office furniture broker. With a vast network of brokers on staff that will buy and sell used and as-is furniture throughout North America, warehousing services, and the ability to determine whether the furniture can be refurbished or remanufactured – we can prevent most decommissioned furniture from going to a landfill.

We are committed to sustainability and encourage environmentally responsible options for decommissioning office furniture.

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